Interior design project. Interior architecture and design

If you are planning to build a new home or commercial space or redevelop an old one and want to achieve the best result, then cooperation with an interior architect should be started already at the initial stage of planning.

With our knowledge and experience, we take a systematic approach to objects and thereby produce innovative and functional solutions. Detailed projects help clients avoid later reconstructions and the associated additional costs.

Interior design is a complete solution, from the initial idea to the working drawing of a small detail. This is a work process, in which the customer's wishes are clarified and drawings, visualizations of the planned space and the furniture are prepared. Based on the completed drawings, builders and furniture manufacturers can carry out the corresponding work. The interior design project does not include engineering solutions for heating-ventilation-water-sewerage but their design must go hand in hand with the interior design project.

We carry out interior design projects as complete solutions or according to the desired stage and in exactly the volume needed. The project includes 2D drawings and 3D visualizations, as well as an explanatory note with material specifications. We approach each interior design project individually and the cost of the project depends on the amount of work as well as on the degree of complexity of the object.


  • Concept creation
  • Object surveying
  • Basic plan and 2D views. Plans of the room solution with conditional furnishings
  • Plans for weak- and high-current electrical installations and network equipment
  • Lighting solution plans
  • Interior architectural plans for ceilings
  • Interior architectural plans of the walls
  • Interior architectural plans for floors
  • Opening fills
  • Detail drawings
  • Custom-made furniture drawings
  • Shopping furniture picking
  • Selection of interior elements

We prepare interior architectural drawings on a scale of M 1:50. Detail and furniture drawings are prepared on a scale of M 1:20. The project format is in ArchiCAD - DWG and PDF format.

If necessary, in addition to the interior design project, we offer a project management service:

  • We communicate with the builder - supervision of the execution of interior design and solving current issues
  • We communicate with suppliers - taking offers, ordering interior design materials and furniture
  • We communicate with manufacturers - finding a manufacturer, initiating and controlling the production process